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Welcome to the Meadows Library 

Non fiction


In our library, we are committed to:

  • Creating a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.
  • Encouraging students to read, discover, explore, create, imagine, and understand.
  • Providing access to materials that reflect our students, our community, and the world.
  • Supporting classroom literacy learning.


Library Resources 

Clever C

Clever Login 


Clever provides a single login for Sora, Destiny, and World Book. If you log in to Destiny, you are logged into those resources.


world book kids

World Book Kids


Research Tools 

National Geographic Kids

 National Geographic Kids 


CSD digital books via 


world book student

World Book Student 
(grades 3-6)

Gale in Context

Gale in Context Elementary 

(formerly known as Kids Infobits)

Library Connect

Multco Library Connect
(Access to all of Multco Library Services using your student ID)

World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced
(grades 8+)

World Book Discover

 World Book Discover
Includes reading supports

Kiim Guzzi

Kim Guzzi

Library Manager

For questions about library checkouts and activities, contact Mrs. Guzzi at

Emily Krimme

Emily Krimme

District Librarian

For tech help and questions about library programs and policies, please contact Mrs. Krimme at